Discover the MyMethods platform and how you can improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

MyMethods gives you access to an enormous and still growing collection of the most appealing work methods. The way in which meetings are constructed directly impact the way participants will react. By utilizing correctly selected work methods you can influence participants attitude and behavior to such an extent that meetings will become more focused, efficient and effective. MyMethods helps you single out the most ideal work methods and supports you in putting your sessions together.

Access via pc, tablet and smartphone

MyMethods gives you access to your personal methods book, programs and the complete collection work methods wherever and whenever you want. This enables you to search for an appropriate work method or check your program at any moment you wish to do so.

MyMethods offers the possibility to save all your favorite work methods in a personal method book. Once saved, your preferred work methods can be organized into clearly divided sections.
Putting your own work method book together keeps all of your preferred work methods close to hand saving you from having to search for them; your personal selection is always ready and waiting for you! As new and inspiring work methods are added to MyMethods constantly growing collection you can select and add them to your methods book.

An initiative from the authors of Het Groot Werkvormenboek

Drs. Angela Talen & Drs. Sasja Dirkse-Hulscher

MyMethods enables you to put a personal programs together that cover all types of meetings and sessions. Adding MyMethods work methods to your program is easy, simply drag your chosen work methods to your program folder. Program can be personalized or changed to suit your needs.
MyMethods offers a number of printing options making it easy for you and other participants to print out.